Kreig Durham

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Photo of Kreig Durham and family

Kreig with his wife Amanda and their two sons

As a kid, I was always taking apart my electronic toys, trying to figure out how they worked, and putting them back together. Occasionally, they’d even work once I reassembled them! Then, when my parents bought our first computer, I was hooked. It ran Windows 3.1. I learned pretty quickly some of those foundational principals of how computers worked. Some of my fondest memories from that era are of messing with the way the computer did stuff via the command line.

From then on, computers were my biggest fascination. Well into my early twenties, I was constantly toying with old computers and trying to learn more and more about tech. A few years ago, I was in a dead-end retail job, wishing for something worthwhile to do. I did a lot of reading and decided that since the future was moving more and more to the web, then the web was where I needed to be.

I am a full time front-end developer who previously did freelance, and I have been professionally programming since 2017. My current home is Farmington, New Mexico. I’ve got an amazing wife and two wonderful little boys. and they always get top priority in my world. I’m an avid reader, sci-fi/fantasy fan, and gamer. Most of my life, I have always done very well with teaching myself new things, so I’m well-suited to the ever-changing demands of the web.

In addition, I also put out a weekly fiction newsletter on Substack where I publish new chapters in books that I’m writing as well as independent short stories. The subscription is currently free, so feel free to give me a follow!


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